Common Name
None assigned
General Information
Ti 550 is a high strength, forgeable alpha beta alloy. In the solution treated and aged condition it has superior tensile and fatigue properties compared to Ti 6-4 combined with good elevated temperature tensile and creep properties up to 750°F (400°C). This alloy has applications in the aerospace industry both as aero engine (eg compressor discs) and airframe components (eg flap tracks). Ti 550 has also found applications in high performance automotive engines. The alloy may be welded using electron beam or laser welding techniques. In sheet form, the alloy has good superplastic forming properties and an excellent balance of strength and toughness.
Common Specification
Specification Product Form
MSRR 8663/8634 Discs, rotating components
TA 45/46 Rod/bar
TA 47 Forging stock
Chemistry Requirements
N O+2 H Fe Al Mo Sn Si Ti
0.05 0.27 0.0125 0.2 3.0-5.0 3.0-5.0 1.5-2.5 0.3-0.7 Balance

% Maximum unless given as a range.

Minimum Tensile Properties
Condition UTS ksi (Mpa) >0.2%YS ksi (MPA) % El. % RA*
Bar/Rod <1 in (25mm) 160 (1100) 139 (960) 9 20
Bar/Rod/Forgings 1-4 in (25-100mm) 152 (1050) 133 (920) 9 20
Bar/Rod/Forgings 4-6 in (100-150 mm) 145 (1000) 126 (870) 9 20
Plate 0.2-2.5 in (5-65 mm) 149 (1030) 130 (900) 9 20
Typical Tensile Properties
Condition UTS ksi (Mpa) >0.2%YS ksi (MPA) % El. % RA*
1 in (25mm) rod ST 157 (1080) 135 (930)  12 40
1 in (25mm) rod ST+A 174 (1200) 155 (1070) 14 42

Note: Typical properties are not to be utilized as a requirement, but are only listed for guidance. These properties may or may not be attainable in all circumstances.
* %Ra not required by all specifications
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