• Annual Blanket Order- We Provide JIT material availability that can reduce your cost with stable raw material prices. You can place order one or two years based on your sales forecast, we will fix price and reserve material for you. You can draw your materials any time you need – JIT for your production, thus reducing your raw material holding costs.

• Finished Goods – Stock finished goods at nominal annual stocking charge to dramatically reduce impact of what can be historical double-digit monthly price increases.

• Semi-Finished Goods – Inventory customer owned ingot or semi-finished goods at Special Metals Indonesia to allow flexibility for us to subsequently finish to customer designated final size or sizes as the forecast requirement becomes more readily apparent to the customer.

• Indices Pricing – Special Metal Indonesia has the ability to provide public indices for long-term pricing of non-titanium metals. Additionally Special Metals Indonesia can provide a mutually agreed upon mechanism for validation of marketplace price of titanium for future price changes over the longer term either up or down.

• Vendor Managed Inventory – Total Program Management whereby Titan can manage all metals requirements through our global distribution network or any portion of it.

Silakan hubungi perwakilan penjualan PT Special Metals Indonesia Anda untuk membahas persyaratan Anda secara lebih rinci.

In an effort to reduce in-house costs, Titan Engineering customers can order for milling finish for Titanium plates & blocks. Our customer’s objective is to receive a product from Titan Engineering that is milled to their specification. In doing so, Titan Engineering has ultimately eliminated a manufacturing process in our customer’s shop. Please let us know whether you need 6-face square milling or top bottom face milling.

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