Special Stainless Steel

Our range of stainless, high-corrosion and heat-resistant steels offers a variety of products, materials and dimensions. Special stainless steels represent a material group that is situated between the non-corrosive steels and the nickel alloys. These iron-nickel-chromium alloys differ from the ordinary non-corrosive steels by their higher alloying additions of nickel, chromium or molybdenum.

• Stainless Steel 316Ti UNS S31635
• Stainless Steel 317L UNS S31703
• Stainless Steel 904L UNS N08904


• Sheet, Plate, Bar, Pipe and Fittings
• Full plates, sheets, Rings, Discs, According to drawing

Additional Information

• Sheared, Plasma-, Laser- or Waterjet cut to size
• Certification: 3.1, 3.2

Special Stainless Steel Alloys